Maintain total control of your sales process from beginning to end. Offering complete visibility at all times, the SalesOptima sales activity management system offers a simple-to-use, visually friendly, fully-integrated web-based solution for maximizing your overall productivity and sales conversions. This sales activity tracking feature allows you to seamlessly manage and interact with your entire sales team and all potential customers, keeping the lines of communication open and fluid from initial lead to close of sale.

Our sales automation engine permits you to easily distill your proven sales best practices into activities that will automatically appear on the calendar of each sales team member. This convenient sales activity management function allows your sales staff to focus solely on completing their own activities at a given stage in the process, while not having to worry about future steps or other tasks that don’t directly involve them.

Each step contains clear instructions, call scripts, and Next Action buttons so that all each sales representative needs to do is concentrate on one given task (call, email, task, mailing, or note) that needs to be performed at a time. You can also quickly and easily distribute sales leads, update contact information, schedule a sales meeting, send an email, and create new tasks in no time at all.

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