We here at SalesOptima are excited to introduce our newest feature, the SalesOptima Dynamic Scheduler.

The Dynamic Scheduler breaks down a huge wall of communication between you and your prospects and customers by allowing them to directly book appointments on your calendar. We understand that booking time with your prospects is critical to growing your business. We understand that being more accessible to your customers is essential to maintaining a strong, long lasting business model.

We are so confident that this feature will give you an edge over your competition that we’ve made it standard with every version from Stratus Express to Nimbus.

Getting started is easy. Simply create and configure as many public calendars as you need and then publish it on your website, through email, or even in appointment reminders. Customizing the look and feel of each calendar to match your corporate brand is quick and easy. You also have complete control over defining your busy times. Say you have a daily lunch meeting. Simply, mark that time as busy. Say you have a weekly office meeting. Simply mark that time as busy.

SalesOptima makes it easy to schedule meetings inside or outside your organization, across calendars and time zones.

  • Eliminate the back and forth of finding a time to meet
  • Easily share your availability with anyone
  • Prevent double bookings and forget about time zones
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