Sales lead distribution doesn’t have to be a tedious, time-consuming task. With SalesOptima, distributing potential leads to your sales team becomes a fast, uncomplicated, fully-automated process that will help you achieve full efficiency and maximize the number of sales leads that are turned into actual customers.

Don’t waste another second of your valuable time manually entering lead data into your contact management system! The SalesOptima sales lead distribution system allows you to create customized web forms that will automatically collect leads from your website, from HTTP post, XML post, and other web services, as well as from emails that get parsed and put into your SalesOptima account. This indispensable, time-sensitive sales lead data is then inputted directly into your CRM to be immediately distributed to your sales force for follow up.

SalesOptima gives you total control and complete visibility of your sales process at all times. Hands-free marketing at its best; this automated sales lead distribution can also be utilized to kick off highly beneficial email marketing campaigns to help you increase your overall number of sales leads and conversions exponentially. Additionally, as a fully cloud-based online application, SalesOptima is always accessible, and is equipped to grow right along with your business.

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