Imagine completing a sales call and having your CRM automatically send out a personalized Thank you email to the prospect you were just speaking with and then your CRM automatically places a follow-up call on your calendar a week from now. Imagine a prospect visits your website and fills our a form and your CRM automatically adds that prospect into your sales database, sends out an email, puts a call into your calendar where you can get to it from your iPhone or Android. That's just the tip of the iceberg of what you get with the Sales Optimization Add-On.

  • Collect and auto-respond to website leads
  • Personalize follow-up marketing and sales campaigns
  • Automate field level editing to coincide with workflow events
  • Link your automation sequences together with campaign triggers
  • Workflow management gives you total control over amount of time between events
  • Get more done with less work... every salesperson's dream
  • Included in all Nimbus accounts. $10/user/month for Cirrus accounts. Not available for Stratus or Stratus Express accounts
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