Once a new prospective SalesOptima customer has witnessed a demonstration of the Sales Optimization, the only remaining obstacle to implementation is typically a fear that it will be a huge investment in time and energy to get operational for their business.

We ensure new account holders overcome this obstacle to success, by pre-loading every SalesOptima Nimbus edition with fully-operational plug-and-play templates designed to utilize the Sales Optimization engine right out of the gate. We call this our Sales Optimization Jump Start Kit.

Here is what is included with the Jump Start Kit:

  • Automation Processes
    • New Prospect
    • Sales Presentation
    • Client Retention
    • Unsubscribe
    • Newsletter Subscription
  • HTML Email Templates (5)
    • Plain
    • Basic
    • Letterhead
    • Appointment Reminder
    • Newsletter
  • Click Tracking (2)
    • Main Website
    • Schedule Appointment
  • Web Forms (4)
    • Contact Us
    • Submit Comment/Questions
    • Custom Built (example: Round-Robin lead distribution)
    • Custom Built (example: Google Analytics tracking included)
  • Custom Action Screens (3)
    • Qualification
    • Sales Presentation
    • Customer Retention
  • Dynamic Schedulers (3)
    • Sales Presentation
    • Qualification Call
    • Client Review
  • Email Lead Parsers (2)
  • 2 Hours with a Sales Optimization Specialist
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