Having the ability to seamlessly manage the roles of each sales, marketing, and customer service team member is essential in maximizing the productivity, efficiency, and overall success of your business. With the fully-integrated SalesOptima CRM task management tool, you can assign specific tasks and due dates to every member of your team, attach relevant documents to each task, update information at any time, and receive email and messaging reminders when individual tasks are due.

Simple, easy-to-navigate, and uncomplicated, the SalesOptima CRM task management tool also integrates seamlessly with your calendaring application, as well as with our sales force automation engine. Get more work done in less time by creating highly efficient workflow best practices that will give you total control over step in the process from sales lead, to conversion, to customer support.

Entirely cloud-based, our CRM task management tools go with you anywhere you go; accessible from any computer or mobile device. So whether in the office or across the country, total visibility is always at your fingertips. Need to check the status of a project, make a change to a due date, reassign or create a new task? You can do it in seconds from wherever you happen to be.

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