SalesOptima Email Permission Policy

Permission policy stating the types of contacts you can add to Salesoptima

SalesOptima allows you to import lists of your contacts into your account. However, there are a few rules to be aware of when it comes to the types of email addresses you'll be able to send emails to.

Who You Can Email

At SalesOptima, we want our customers sending emails that their contacts truly want to receive. That’s why we require you to have permission from all your contacts in order to email them.

There are two types of permission:

  • Express Permission is when an individual has opted-in or specifically requested to get your emails. Some examples of this are:

    • Anyone who goes through a double opt-in or confirmed opt-in process.

    • Someone who signs up to receive your emails from your webpage.

    • People who sign up using a form with the specific purpose of being added to a mailing list.

  • Implied Permission happens through a client or customer relationship. For example, you may get implicit permission through:

    • The exchange of business cards.

    • A verbal request.

    • A fishbowl collection where no consent to email is asked.

    • The sale of a product or service.

    • An inquiry about a product or service.

    • A donation to your nonprofit.

    • Membership in your organization.

Who You Can't Email

On the other hand, you are never allowed to email:

  • Any purchased, rented, or appended list of email addresses from any source, no matter what the source claims. 

  • Any shared list of email addresses that haven't given you direct permission to email, such as a:

    • trade show attendee list

    • affiliated company contact list

  • Any non-specific or role email addresses. Some examples of role addresses:




  • Any distribution list or mailing list. These are lists where an email address will connect or mail to several others, like:

    • a voter registration list

    • public directories

    • membership association contacts

    • chamber of commerce

  • Any collected email addresses obtained by surfing the internet or "scraping" web pages.

  • Any addresses obtained through social media connections where the contact has not explicitly requested mailings. This includes:

    • Facebook Friends

    • LinkedIn Connections

    • Twitter Followers 

Important: Adding or importing names that go against the permission policy or anti-spam policy may result in the termination of your account.

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