We know that one size does not fit all. We offer four level of SalesOptima, so you don't have to pay for what you don't need. For a full version comparison chart, click here


StratusExpress™ is a single-user CRM with a simple, intuitive user interface that is designed to help you manage your contacts, leads/opportunities, tasks and calendar online.

  • One user seat only
  • Entry-level field customization
  • Mobile device user interface
  • Document storage
  • HTML email marketing
  • Outlook integration (optional)
  • Internet fax integration capable
  • Import data directly from Excel
  • Monthly contract (optional)
  • Mass email
  • Import data directly from Excel


Stratus™ boasts all the powerful features and available add-ons of StratusExpress in a flexible multi-user package. This fully-featured CRM solution provides the tools you need to organize your sales team at a fraction of the price of the other guys.

  • Up to 10 user seats
  • Mid-level field customization
  • Shared contact/lead database
  • Visual, interactive reports
  • Robust user security model
  • Monthly contract (optional)


Cirrus™ includes all the same modules as Stratus™ with an optional Sales Force Automation (SFA) add-on. Our SFA captures website leads, initiates sales and workflow automation campaigns, minimizes time-consuming administration, and integrates with our HTML email add-on to personalize your marketing and maximize the effectiveness of your sales processes.

  • No limit on user seats
  • Professional-level Customization
  • Outlook integration (included)
  • Sales Force Automation(optional)
  • Monthly contract (optional)
  • Monthly contract (optional)


Nimbus™ is our premium CRM/SFA solution. Nimbus™ includes all of the powerful Cirrus funtionality included in Cirrus™ - with the added benefit of enterprise level customization. Nimbus™ also includes all of our optional modules: Sales Force Automation, HTML Email Marketing, complete Outlook integration, and SalesOptima Mobile™.

  • No limit on user seats
  • Enterprise-level Customization
  • All available add-ons included
  • Monthly contract (optional)
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