This list of place holders are used when sending company related emails and company related campaign event emails using SalesOptima. One or more place holders may be used in the subject or body of the email. During email processing, each place holder will be replaced with it's corresponding data item, see below for details, and then will be sent to the recipient(s). If no data item exists, the place holder will be replaced with an empty string ("").

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Place Holder Tag Field Name Replaces the field from a ...
PH_CompanyNameCompany NameCompany
PH_CompanyAdd1Address 1Company
PH_CompanyAdd2Address 2Company
PH_CompanyAdd3Address 3Company
PH_CompanyClass1CodeCompany Class 1 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass2CodeCompany Class 2 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass3CodeCompany Class 3 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass4CodeCompany Class 4 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass5CodeCompany Class 5 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass6CodeCompany Class 6 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass7CodeCompany Class 7 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass8CodeCompany Class 8 CodeCompany
PH_CompanyClass1Company Class 1Company
PH_CompanyClass2Company Class 2Company
PH_CompanyClass3Company Class 3Company
PH_CompanyClass4Company Class 4Company
PH_CompanyClass5Company Class 5Company
PH_CompanyClass6Company Class 6Company
PH_CompanyClass7Company Class 7Company
PH_CompanyClass8Company Class 8Company
PH_CompanyCustom1Custom Text 1Company
PH_CompanyCustom2Custom Text 2Company
PH_CompanyCustom3Custom Text 3Company
PH_CompanyCustom4Custom Text 4Company
PH_CompanyCustom5Custom Text 5Company
PH_CompanyCustom6Custom Text 6Company
PH_CompanyCustom7Custom Text 7Company
PH_CompanyCustom8Custom Text 8Company
PH_CompanyCheck1Custom Check Box 1Company
PH_CompanyCheck2Custom Check Box 2Company
PH_CompanyCheck3Custom Check Box 3Company
PH_CompanyCheck4Custom Check Box 4Company
PH_CompanydtModifiedDate ModifiedCompany
PH_CompanydtCreatedDate CreatedCompany
PH_CompanyUFirstNameUser First NameCompany
PH_CompanyULastNameUser Last NameCompany
PH_CompanyUUserCodeUser CodeCompany
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