This list of place holders are used when sending emails, email blasts, text messages, email templates, mail merge documents, mail merge templates, campaign event emails, as well as link group emails* using SalesOptima. One or more place holders may be used in the subject or body of the email. During email processing, each place holder will be replaced with it's corresponding data item, see below for details, and then will be sent to the recipient(s). If no data item exists, the place holder will be replaced with an empty string ("").

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*Note: When sending an email to a link group simply change the placeholders from PH_ to PH_Link to replace the link group recipient's fields. Click here for a list of link group recipient placeholders

Place Holder Tag Field Name Replaces the field from a ...
PH_ContactIDSystem Contact IDContact
PH_FirstNameFirst NameContact
PH_LastNameLast NameContact
PH_CompanyNameCompany NameContact
PH_Add1Address 1Contact
PH_Add2Address 2Contact
PH_Add3Address 3Contact
PH_Custom1Custom Text 1Contact
PH_Custom2Custom Text 2Contact
PH_Custom3Custom Text 3Contact
PH_Custom4Custom Text 4Contact
PH_Custom5Custom Text 5Contact
PH_Custom6Custom Text 6Contact
PH_Custom7Custom Text 7Contact
PH_Custom8Custom Text 8Contact
PH_Custom9Custom Text 9Contact
PH_Class1Custom Classification Dropdown 1Contact
PH_Class2Custom Classification Dropdown 2Contact
PH_Class3Custom Classification Dropdown 3Contact
PH_Class4Custom Classification Dropdown 4Contact
PH_Class5Custom Classification Dropdown 5Contact
PH_Class6Custom Classification Dropdown 6Contact
PH_Class7Custom Classification Dropdown 7Contact
PH_Class8Custom Classification Dropdown 8Contact
PH_Check1Custom Check Box 1Contact
PH_Check2Custom Check Box 2Contact
PH_PhoneBusiness PhoneContact
PH_HomePhoneHome PhoneContact
PH_MobilePhoneMobile PhoneContact
PH_OtherPhoneOther PhoneContact
PH_OtherFaxOther FaxContact
PH_PrimaryEmailPrimary EmailContact (Caution: Do not use PH_Email)
PH_Email2Email 2Contact
PH_Email3Email 3Contact
PH_WebsiteWeb siteContact
PH_dtCreatedDate CreatedContact
PH_dtModifiedLast Modified DateContact
PH_CDateCurrent DateContact
PH_CDateTimeCurrent Date & TimeContact
PH_CTimeCurrent TimeContact
PH_ContactToDirectionsURLAddressDirections from user address to contact address
PH_ContactFromDirectionsURLAddressDirections from contact address to user address
PH_UserMapURLAddressMap of User address
PH_ContactUpdateLinkWithDataURL is 30 charactersInserts link that allows a contact to update their information
PH_ContactUpdateLink Inserts link that allows a contact to give you their information
PH_ContactReferralURL Inserts a link that allows your contacts to enter referrals
PH_UserFirstNameFirst NameUser
PH_UserLastNameLast NameUser
PH_UserEmail2Other EmailUser
PH_UserCompanyNameCompany NameUser
PH_UserAdd1Address 1User
PH_UserAdd2Address 2User
PH_UserAdd3Address 3User
PH_UserMobilePhoneMobile PhoneUser
PH_UserOtherPhoneOther PhoneUser
PH_UserLongCodeLong CodeLandline Texting Number (Click to Learn More)
PH_UserWebSiteURLAccount Website URLAccount
PH_UserDefaultSignatureDefault SignatureUser
PH_UserHTMLSignatureHTML SignatureUser
PH_FacebookURLUser's Facebook PageUser
PH_TwitterURLUser's Twitter PageUser
PH_LinkedInURLUser's LinkedIn PageUser

Other useful Place Holders:

Place Holder Tag Usage Info Replaces the field from a ...
PH_LogoURLURL of account's corporate logo (see Account Settings)Account
PH_LogoImageHTML image tag of account logoAccount
PH_AccountWebSiteURLAccount Website URLAccount
PH_UnsubscribeURLHTML Email Templates OnlyCustom SafeMail Unsubscribe URL
PH_WebVersionURLHTML Email Templates OnlyWeb Version URL of emails using HTML Email Templates
PH_ReferrredByContactName of the referred by contact.
PH_SAMContactLinkSalesOptima Automated Messaging (SAM)Link to contact action page in a user text message alert
PH_SAMMakeVCLinkSalesOptima Automated Messaging (SAM) Link directly to make call page in a user text message alert
PH_SAMSendTMLinkSalesOptima Automated Messaging (SAM) Link directly to create text message page in a user text message alert
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