This list of place holders are used when sending lead related emails and lead related campaign event emails using SalesOptima. One or more place holders may be used in the subject or body of the email. During email processing, each place holder will be replaced with it's corresponding data item, see below for details, and then will be sent to the recipient(s). If no data item exists, the place holder will be replaced with an empty string ("").

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Lead Place Holder Tag Field Name Replaces the field from a ...
PH_LeadDescLead DescritionLead
PH_NetRevenueNet RevenueLead
PH_GrossRevenueGross RevenueLead
PH_CustomMoney1Custom Money 1Lead
PH_CustomMoney2Custom Money 2Lead
PH_CustomMoney3Custom Money 3Lead
PH_CustomMoney4Custom Money 4Lead
PH_WinProbabilityWin ProbabilityLead
PH_LeadStatusLead Status DropdownLead
PH_LeadCustomText1Custom Text 1Lead
PH_LeadCustomText2Custom Text 2Lead
PH_LeadCustomText3Custom Text 3Lead
PH_LeadCustomText4Custom Text 4Lead
PH_LeadCustomText5Custom Text 5Lead
PH_LeadCustomText6Custom Text 6Lead
PH_LeadClass1Custom Classification Dropdown 1Lead
PH_LeadClass2Custom Classification Dropdown 2Lead
PH_LeadClass3Custom Classification Dropdown 3Lead
PH_LeadClass4Custom Classification Dropdown 4Lead
PH_LeadClass5Custom Classification Dropdown 5Lead
PH_LeadClass6Custom Classification Dropdown 6Lead
PH_LeadClass7Custom Classification Dropdown 7Lead
PH_LeadClass8Custom Classification Dropdown 8Lead
PH_LeadCheck1Custom Check Box 1Lead
PH_LeadCheck2Custom Check Box 2Lead
PH_LeadCheck3Custom Check Box 3Lead
PH_LeadCheck4Custom Check Box 4Lead
PH_LeadCheck5Custom Check Box 5Lead
PH_LeadCheck6Custom Check Box 6Lead
PH_LeaddtStartStart DateLead
PH_LeaddtEndEnd DateLead
PH_LeaddtRevenueReceive Revenue DateLead
PH_LeaddtCustom1Custom Date 1Lead
PH_LeaddtCustom2Custom Date 2Lead
PH_LeaddtCustom3Custom Date 3Lead
Invoice Place Holder Tag Field Name Replaces the field from a ...
PH_InvoiceLeadID Lead ID Lead
PH_InvoiceID Invoice ID Invoice
PH_InvoiceNumber Number Invoice
PH_InvoiceShortDesc Short Description Invoice
PH_InvoiceDetails Details Invoice
PH_InvoiceAmount Amount Invoice
PH_InvoiceDate Invoice Date Invoice
PH_InvoiceItemsTable All items added to invoice Invoice
PH_InvoiceStatus Status Invoice
PH_InvoicedtCreated Date Created Invoice
PH_InvoicedtModified Date Modified Invoice
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