"SalesOptima is straight-forward and simple. I can get in, get out, and get on with my business without wasting time. My experience with other systems left me feeling like I spent more time learning and managing software than I did managing my sales."
- Mark A., Farm Estate Planner

"SalesOptima has been fabulous for our company. We utilize SalesOptima virtually as our desktop; all the calls we make and contact with associates and business partners get logged into the simple and efficient interface. I've used quite a few CRM solutions in the past but SalesOptima is certainly the most effective for the value. I can say that my team is much more productive having used the system."
- Darren H., Marketing & Advertising Agency

"By using SalesOptima, we're serving our customers even better than before! Any salesperson can assist any customer just by reading the contact history, even if they aren't one of our personal clients. With all important information in one place, we can assist them in an individualized way. SalesOptima also has wonderful marketing tools and easy day-to-day use. I can't imagine where our company would be without SalesOptima. It's so much easier to track activity since we implemented SalesOptima. I highly recommend this solution to anyone looking to organize their sales force!"
- Michelle K., Business Consultant

"I now work with more than 120 prospects and clients, something that wouldn't be possible without the tools provided by SalesOptima. The Task List keeps me on point. The e-mail capabilities save time and give you the ability to review contacts with clients at a glance. The sorting capability keeps you on top of your client base at all times. I am sure I would have been impressed with what SalesOptima has to offer if it had been the first such program I used. But - I switched from ACT! and I can really see what an exceptional product SalesOptima is. SalesOptima changed my life and made managing my accounts so much easier. I can't say enough about how pleased I am."
- Laura D., Realtor

"After researching several different solutions to solve our CRM needs, SalesOptima was the only practical solution. SalesOptima offers more flexibility, services, and ease of use than any other product we could identify. SalesOptima worked with us through the entire set up of our solution. This made the start up process less painful. Thank you SalesOptima for all your help and guidance. I am referring several of my colleagues that own a business to your service."
- Scott C., Telecommunication Solutions

"I've been a strong ACT! user for years. In starting a new venture, I needed capabilities that ACT! just couldn't provide:
  • Capability to have multiple users with access to the database from anywhere...without our need to maintain a server
  • Ability to customize fields and categories easily
  • Online documents and templates
  • Different rights for different levels of users
  • Ability to have new contacts from our website easily added to our database
  • Ability to formulate custom campaigns have all been extremely useful.
Please send my regards to your program team, as they actually understand what is really needed to handle a large number of contacts efficiently. Uncomplicated yet powerful, SalesOptima has truly been exactly the kind of system I need to develop and track the high volume of business activity I deal with on a regular basis. I travel extensively...I'm on schedule to do just over 200 nights in a hotel room this year. Having the ability to schedule outgoing mail campaigns, establish follow up routines, access my data from anywhere, and keep my team all on the same page is a technical challenge...SalesOptima has made that possible. The new features you keep adding are always of value."
- Tony R., Internet Travel Sales

"I was reviewing CRMs for months before I found SalesOptima. There are so many systems out there that it is easy to get lost, but what made SalesOptima stand out from the rest was that it was not only powerful but so easy to use. You won’t have to worry about your sales team finding the system complicated to use. Also, anytime I had a question all I had to do was call and my question was answered promptly and professionally."
- Mike L., Realtor

"Coming from a CRM background with IBM & Siebel, SalesOptima hands down meets my small company needs better with its ease of use, affordability, and simple deployment."
- Steve M., Realtor

"SalesOptima has helped our team immensely with contact organization, follow ups, and closing more business. The Web interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. Once set up, it's a piece of cake to use. Everyone logs on every morning and the reminders set up your day instantly without any question of what to do next; everything is lined up perfectly. If we have any questions, SalesOptima's customer service is unrivaled. Highly Recommended!"
- Jimmy C., Marketer

"The SalesOptima solution has been beneficial in keeping track of my sales leads. SalesOptima allows me to easily access and input information about my customers. This was made easier through the assistance of my personal SalesOptima account manager. His patience and teaching methods helped greatly. He was prompt and efficient in his practice of helping and being available. SalesOptima is easy to use and more or less self-explanatory. I would highly recommend this site as a necessary sales tool."
- Alan T., Global Telecom Company

"I cannot tell you how much faster SalesOptima is compared to my previous CRM database provider. It would literally take 30-45 seconds or more for each page to refresh. When you have 30-40 clients a day (or more) to update and keep track of you can imagine my frustration having to wait for pages to come up. The time savings alone is well worth the expense. The ease of use for each function makes spending time at the data base a much more positive experience. I would highly recommend this service to all of my colleagues."
- Jimmy M., Realtor

"We are an Internet-based real estate team in Las Vegas, Nevada. Until recently, ACT was our database provider for contact management services. We were fortunate enough to discover SalesOptima through an Internet search on Google, and the rest is history. The SalesOptima website was both informative and well-designed, and based on that, a call was made to the company by our webmaster. We made immediate contact with an account manager at SalesOptima and he has provided exceptional guidance and support to our new and growing company. Every effort was made to tailor the product to our specific needs and our account manager’s direct participation in this process was both critical and constant. The support and assistance provided for the huge task of transferring our database from ACT to SalesOptima was comprehensive and greatly appreciated as well. Our real estate team members find no comparison between ACT and SalesOptima in terms of functionality and ease of use. The switchover has been a tremendous success and productivity has been substantially enhanced across the board. I would encourage anyone considering this product to contact me directly for more information. For attentive and comprehensive customer service and a product that is both versatile and powerful, I would strongly suggest you contact SalesOptima."
- Ian S., Realtor

"We researched many of the CRM systems available both as a networked solution and on the Internet. Our appraisal was that SalesOptima Stratus was the best value for what we needed in our new venture. We set up the system a couple of months ago and could not be more pleased with the relationship. The product does more than we expected and the support from our sales rep, and the on-line support has been excellent. I'm looking forward to the time we will require the functionality of the SalesOptima Nimbus system."
- Ted S., Environmental Products

"SalesOptimaTM invested a significant amount of time training us on how to set up our solution to our best advantage. They were able to expand our level of thinking to squeeze the most out of what SalesOptima has to offer. Our help desk rep has been our point person for quick questions. She's always available and always ready with a quick solution or suggestion on how to better utilize SalesOptima. I was previously working off of an Excel spreadsheet, so SalesOptima is like a gift! No more clunkiness! I expect great things from using SalesOptima on a daily basis."
- Tami P., Mortgage Broker

"I spent some time reviewing other CRM solutions in addition to having a horrible experience with ACT, and was very confident in my choice of SalesOptima. Not only do I have remote access to my data, but the entire program allows me to customize based on my business needs. This program is easy to use and - best of all – the support and training is fantastic! Rather than waiting for 60 minutes on hold to India when you call ACT, I get personal and professional service fromSalesOptima right away. I have only started scratching the surface of how this program will turn my sales and marketing efforts into success for my business. Your customer service and support is the best I have ever encountered. Thank you so much, SalesOptima - you have made this experience wonderful for me."
- Robin W., Marketer

"I have searched long and hard for CRM solution that met all my needs. Today, I must say I have finally found it. I have tried just about everything out there. SalesOptima is easy to use by the average person. It’s easy to set up. It works the way that I work. Last but not least, it’s affordable. Do your due diligence, look all you want, you will find nothing that can compare to SalesOptima. It not only meets my expectations, it exceeds them."
- Horace W., Internet Marketer

"We have been using SalesOptimaTM for the last couple of months and have found it to be wonderful! With a global office we needed an online program that would allow us to all connect with each other. The help menus make it very user-friendly and if I just want to talk to a real person, my calls are always answered promptly. Instead of using a couple of programs now we only need to use one for everything."
- Kathy D., Management Training

"SalesOptima has helped our company immensely. We have loaded over 500 companies to date, and can access any one of them easily with a single click. SalesOptima makes tracking our client and supplier relationships a snap. Thanks for developing such a simple, yet robust tool. You have helped us grow from a $50K company in 05 to over $3MIL in 07. Thanks SalesOptima!"
- Daniel G., Full-Service Company Servicing Government & Contractors

"I knew that I had to find a better way to track and organize my contacts. The system that I had before SalesOptimaTM was simple, pen to paper. After looking at over 40 different companies, one kept getting my attention. They were consistently following up with me. I must say, I took a long time to do my homework, and SalesOptimaTM was right there with me, doing their homework--following up with the contact. I am so happy with my decision to launch my very own SalesOptimaTM system. The service after the sale is equally as impressive. You will love the hands on training! I am not highly skilled with a computer, if I can do this, believe me anyone can. Thank you for all your guidance."
- Julie B., Independent Sales Consultant

"I was referred to SalesOptimaTM with some skepticism. How could they offer all the features of a CRM without the software sitting on your server? Well, they have won over a diehard Goldmine user! I have been using SalesOptimaTM for the last 6 weeks and wished I had had it for the last 6 years! This software is a godsend for anyone needing a CRM that works "with" them and not against them. The ability to take it all with you: accessing your entire contact list from anywhere with an internet connection, emailing straight from the interface, super fast, no internal crashes, one-on-one training, and the most phenomenal customer service and technical support worthy of four stars! The long and short of it is, SalesOptimaTM has made my life so much easier and I am seeing the results everyday."
- Patrick K., Designer
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