Text advertising has proven to be the most effective form of marketing, with an amazing 98 percent open rate and high response rates. In this age of information saturation, SalesOptima’s personalized and targeted SMS marketing solution yields more responses than simple text blasting offered by other ordinary texting services.

The integration of text messaging tools with SalesOptima now provides customers with unparalleled ability to reach leads while they’re fresh. 

Not only can you collect more qualified leads using online sign-up pages and mobile keywords, but you can get these contacts to appear in your SalesOptima account instantly without having to retype the contact information into the database manually.

SalesOptima Text Messaging provides you with the following features:

  • Individual messages – Send text messages right from the contact record to request a customer opt-in to receive your text messaging or to communicate quickly with those who are already opted-in.
  • Mass Text Messaging (Short Code Only) – Mass SMS is the process of sending a text to a large number of recipients, all at once. With SalesOptima’s text messaging service, you can quickly broadcast your message to entire contact lists with a simple click of a button.
  • Two-Way Text Messaging – Inbound texts are routed to the user's mobile phone in real-time. Also, SalesOptima delivers an email alert instantly to the user's email address containing the inbound message, the contact's information and a link to the contact in SalesOptima.
  • Text Reminders and Alerts – Send scheduled or triggered appointment reminders and alerts. Contacts are much more likely to show up for meetings and phone calls if they are texted an immediate appointment confirmation and a reminder before scheduled start time.
  • Mobile Keywords – A mobile keyword is a single word associated with your product, service, event, organization, or positioning. When new leads text into the keyword you set up, their phone numbers are automatically captured by SalesOptima.
  • Online Sign-Up Pages (web forms)– Web forms that your potential subscribers can fill in with their personal information. You can include the form on your website, Facebook page, or you can even offer a mobile-compatible web form. Any customer who submits a web form is automatically added to your SalesOptima database and can be opted-in to receive text messages.
  • Automation Event level text messages – Automated text messages to confirm an opt-in, send an appt confirmation/reminder, in place of an email thank you or note, as a follow-up alert that you have emailed a quote or proposal, and thousands of other potential uses.

SalesOptima Text Messaging comes in two flavors:

1) Short Code Text Messaging

Short Code texting relies on a combination of a 5 digit number and a Keyword. The primary short code for SalesOptima is 77453. Keywords are leased from a shared pool for as long as you want to keep the keyword. Fees are below. An example of this would be a call to action on your website that reads: "For more info about our services, text the Keyword "Curious" to 77453."

Every outgoing Short Code text MUST begin with the org name and end with the line "Txt STOP to OptOut." For example, here is an appt reminder complete with the formatting line breaks as it will appear:

ABC Co: Appt
With: John S.
When: 7/16 @ 2:00 PM
Cell: 123-456-7890
Nav: http://bit.ly/2zocFPX
pls: Txt STOP to OptOut

Please note: When the contact receives the text, the phone number is clickable and will dial the sales rep and the shortened URL is clickable as well and will open the native navigation app on the phone.

2) Long Code Text Messaging (also known as Landline Text Messaging)

Instead of a 5 digit number, Long Code text messages originate from a standard landline that has been provisioned by our system to allow the line to be used for inbound and outbound text messaging. While we can port an existing number into the system for you, not all landline numbers are able to send and receive texts. For this reason we recommend you request a new number from our system in the same area code and exchange of your existing mobile number.

Long Code Text Messaging provides you with all the same features as Short Code Text Messaging, with the exception of Mass Texting. For compliance reasons, Mass Texts can only be sent from a Short Code.

Monthly Pricing Options:

Short Code Text Messaging Pricing:

  • $5 per user/month
  • 5 cents per text (outbound or inbound)

Long Code Text Messaging Pricing:

  • $10 per line/month - Includes a fully SMS provisioned landline number in the area code of your choice.
  • 10 cents per text message (outbound or inbound)
  • Call Forwarding (optional - connects long code to your mobile phone)
    • For example, if a contact calls your long code number, the call will be connected on the first ring to your mobile number or a phone number of your choice.
    • Flat monthly rate of $10/line/month
    • Truly UNLIMITED call forwarding -  we pay the phone bill, no matter how many minutes a month you use.
  • Ringless Voice Mail Drops (optional)
    • Pre-recorded voicemails in the voice of the user are delivered directly to the voicemail inbox of the contact's phone. There is nearly always a corresponding missed call as well. 
    • The Caller ID for both the missed call and voicemail is the Long Code of the user.
    • VM drops are 15 cents each.
    • If Call Forwarding is also enabled, an additional $20/line/month will be charged to cover the additional minutes expected 

Keywords (required for Short Code Text Messaging)

  • Each account must reserve one primary keyword for a fee of $25/month
  • You can reserve additional keywords for targeted marketing and sales campaigns for $25/keyword/month
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